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Our Company

The prehistory to deliv24.com

All began…

…when Dimitri Krütz had the idea of sending a flower bouquet to his relatives in a remote place in a foreign country.

His problem…

…was to find a florist on-the-spot who was willing to deliver the bouquet. Unfortunately no such florist could be found. None of the existing mail-order shops offered such service.

Having the flowers delivered by post or another distributor would have been not only uncertain but rather expensive.

So the general question is how to find a florist at home or in a distant country. Is there a platform for contacting a particular local florist wherever one is needed?

The idea…

…was born to create an online facility for florists all over the world to offer their flower bouquets for their region with their own pricing.

The aim was…

… to offer the chance to any consumer to buy and have delivered flowers anywhere in the world by a local florist without any problems of communication.

Moreover prices should not exceed a reasonable level, so no further distributor should intervene to avoid high provisions.

Keep in mind…

…that the privilege to use the platform is free of charge. The contract can be cancelled any time, if there is no ongoing order. Only after a successful purchase 10% provision have to be paid by the florist.

The solution…

…is that deliv24 was launched on the internet, so florists and consumers all over the world can profit of this internet platform.

We are proud to provide a platform that contributes to the ecological idea of consuming local products and avoiding polluting transports.

Our Motto for everybody is: "PAY LESS, GET MORE."

The success..

… of our start-up company is clearly demonstrated by the great number of florists who have already subscribed worldwide.

Our Team

Managers of deliv24.com

Dimitri Krütz President deliv24

Dimitri Krütz


email dimitri.kruetz@deliv24.de

email +49 2255 3172595-1

Alexander Nasaruk President deliv24

Alexander Nasaruk


email alexander.nasaruk@deliv24.de

email +49 2255 3172595-5

Albert Nasaruk Sales Manager deliv24

Albert Nasaruk

Sales Manager

email albert.nasaruk@deliv24.de

email +49 2255 3172595-3

Natascha Kempf Sales Manager deliv24

Natascha Kempf

Sales Manager

email natascha.kempf@deliv24.de

email +49 2255 3172595-2


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