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Operating instructions and assistance

Frequently asked questions and answers about deliv24.com

How I can become a dealer?

  • Follow the LINK >>> "Sell Flowers" <<<
  • Fill in there the required data and confirm this ...
  • ...Congratulations you are now a official dealer on Deliv24

How is the contract binding for Sellers

    By registering on deliv24.com arises a contractual relationship which can be any time terminated with immediate effect if there are no open orders exist. For more details, see Terms and Conditions

Do I have to pay monthly fees to use the platform as a dealer?

    No, Deliv24 offers you the opportunity Sell Flowers online. You can create and manage unlimited articles and shops.

Basic requirements a distributor to deliv24.com

  • Internet connection / Regular access to the online platform deliv24.com
  • Management and updating of the offered articles
  • Delivery of the order: Self-employed or by courier
  • Provision of proof that delivery of the Flowers has been delivered(delivery note / photo)
  • For more details, see Terms and Conditions

How many shops or products can I create?


Can I use Deliv24 without registration?

    Yes, Deliv24 offers you the opportunity freely move on the platform and look for products without having to register.
    Registration is only necessary if you want to buy or sell something on deliv24.

How to create an account on Deliv24?

  • Go to the start page of Deliv24
  • Click on the "LOGIN"
  • Go to "REGISTER"
  • Enter your desired login name (which you always want to login)
  • As its next your e-mail address
  • Confirm the email address
  • Then click on "REGISTER" button.
  • Login for your email account and confirm the application with the Link -> Click here to complete registration <-
  • Your e-mail address is now verified.
  • In the following window, your full first name and last name
  • Choose a secure password
  • Confirm your password
  • Congratulations, the registration is successfully completed.
  • Now you can login with your username and password under "LOGIN"
  • If registration is not successful, contact us at: info@deliv24.com


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